About Us

Our Story

Our royal ancestors trace us back to the early 1800’s where it all began.Starting in the city of Udaipur, Rajhistan, the Masson family began a business of precious metals.

Serving to the sovereigns, we continued our journey and landed in Punjab where we opened a branch of our office and continued to provide the royal treatment (that still exist today).


About Us

Our later generations continued their expedition to the Americas, where the Indian dream was merged with the American. Calling for a perfect combination for customers. However, not long after we decided to branch into Canada. Our success as wholesalers introduced us to a category of consumers that desired to purchase personal jewelry, rather than bulk jewelry.

Thus, we decided the best option would be to open Zaveri & Co. After over a 170 years business, Rajni Jewelers, has decided to provide the same royal treatment to our customers here, in New Jersey.

After all, our motto is “customer is king”.